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Charminar B.A. Brake liners
CHARMINAR® bonded Asbestos Industrial Brake is a flexible, solid, woven, asbestos based friction material made from yarn spun around brass wire, which contributes considerably to its strength.
CHARMINAR® Industrial brake liners are suitable for variety of brake and clutch components in general industrial field such as industrial band and drum brake linings, plate and cone clutch linings on cranes, lifts, excavators, winches, concrete mixers, drop hammers, tippers, oil well draw works, road rollers, sugar mill centrifuges & certain heavy transport vehicles & tractors.
Maximum Temperature 260 °C Maximum Continuous Temperature 125 °C
Thickness : 4.8 mm (3/16") to 19.1 mm (3/4)
Width : 25.4 mm (1") to 463.6 mm (18¼")
Length : Roll of approximately 15 mtrs. (50 ft.)